• Yoda

    Age: 3 years old
    Breed: Pug
    Gender: Male
    Neutered/Spayed: Yes
    Vaccinated: Yes

    Yoda is a spirited boy who loves everyone. He is good with other dogs and chases cats sometimes. There are no children living in his home but when they come to visit he does well with them. Yoda is house-trained but could benefit from additional training. We are looking for his perfect forever home.

  • Monty

    A kind lady found me wandering the streets of Turkey as a puppy and took me to a vet because my eye looked really bad.  It couldn’t be saved, so now I only have one eye but that’s okay because the ladies LOVE how I wink at them.

    The lady took me home but didn’t know how to take care of me so I lived in a kennel for a long time before she asked another rescuer for help (I was super lucky to have so many rescuers). Once I was in the rescue I started to learn to play with other dogs and my personality really started to shine. 

    That’s when my Canadian family found me. I brought my little friend Lily with me to my new home.  You’ll see her story here too. Anyway, my mom fell so in love with me and Lily that she started helping other Turkish street dogs find love and safety.  But it is all because of me!

  • Ela

    Ela came to us in late February needing an emergency foster home. She adapted from street life, to life in a house with a dog and cat sister extremely quickly.

    With the help of the Fire Team K-9 we have made tremendous progress adapting her into our lifestyle with things such as: walking on a leash, controlled feeding times and teaching her that she doesn’t need to protect (us) her pack.

    She’s extremely smart and can open any door in our home, she’s silly and loves to snuggle (despite her fur sister’s alternative wishes). She fits in to our family perfectly.

  • Lily

    I was alone on the streets of Turkey and I was just a baby when I got hit by a car.  My back legs were broken. 

    A kind veterinary took me in to heal my legs then asked my rescuer for help so I wouldn’t have to go back to the streets.  I was so lucky!

    I got to stay with the same rescuer as Monty.  I love him so much! I’m always hanging around and kept showing up in all the pictures and video’s that were being sent to his Canadian family while they were waiting for him to be able to fly over. They saw how much I love him and decided I could come live with them too!!! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! I got a home and a family and I got to keep Monty! (He was not nearly as excited about the arrangement as I was.  He thinks I’m a pest).

    I came over as a very, very scared pup.  But now I feel safe with my family.

  • Sansa

    Hi. I’m Sansa. I also got hit by a car as a puppy alone in the streets of Turkey. 

    By the time I was rescued, my leg had healed all funny and my hips were a little crooked. Through my rescuer, I was given a chance to come to Canada too! I was supposed to only stay awhile until they helped me not be too scared of everything.  But I’m pretty lovable so they decided I could stay forever!

    I love running and playing with my pack, Monty, Lily and Gabby. I feel pretty safe here too.