A kind lady found me wandering the streets of Turkey as a puppy and took me to a vet because my eye looked really bad.  It couldn’t be saved, so now I only have one eye but that’s okay because the ladies LOVE how I wink at them.

The lady took me home but didn’t know how to take care of me so I lived in a kennel for a long time before she asked another rescuer for help (I was super lucky to have so many rescuers). Once I was in the rescue I started to learn to play with other dogs and my personality really started to shine. 

That’s when my Canadian family found me. I brought my little friend Lily with me to my new home.  You’ll see her story here too. Anyway, my mom fell so in love with me and Lily that she started helping other Turkish street dogs find love and safety.  But it is all because of me!