I was alone on the streets of Turkey and I was just a baby when I got hit by a car.  My back legs were broken. 

A kind veterinary took me in to heal my legs then asked my rescuer for help so I wouldn’t have to go back to the streets.  I was so lucky!

I got to stay with the same rescuer as Monty.  I love him so much! I’m always hanging around and kept showing up in all the pictures and video’s that were being sent to his Canadian family while they were waiting for him to be able to fly over. They saw how much I love him and decided I could come live with them too!!! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! I got a home and a family and I got to keep Monty! (He was not nearly as excited about the arrangement as I was.  He thinks I’m a pest).

I came over as a very, very scared pup.  But now I feel safe with my family.