Do Monty’s Mutts receive veterinary care?

Monty’s Mutts works with a licensed veterinarian to ensure that all dogs are medically cleared for travel and/or adoption. If a dog has a known medical condition/disease(s), Monty’s Mutts policy is to make the adopter entirely aware prior to adoption.  With any animal, it is impossible to foresee future medical conditions that may develop; therefore, Monty’s Mutts does not guarantee that health issues will not arise in the future.  Date of births for the animals is an approximation based on a veterinary examination.

What happens if I cannot keep the dog after I adopted him/her?

If for any reason, you cannot keep the dog, you will be obligated to return him/her to a member of Monty’s Mutts organization.  You may not sell, abandon, or give him/her to any other person(s) or shelter.

Is there an adoption fee?

Monty’s Mutts charges a non-refundable adoption fee of $575 (CAD) to successful applicants.

Who is responsible for ongoing vet care after the adoption?

As the adopter, you will be responsible to ensure that the dog’s welfare needs including proper veterinary treatments are taken care of.  You will be responsible for ensuring that the dog is safe and treated humanely as a family pet and companion. 

What happens if there is a health or temperament issue after the dog has been adopted?

Monty’s Mutts can make no guarantee or warranties regarding the health or temperament of this dog due to various factors in their new surrounding.  The organization shall not be liable for the behaviour of the dog or any damages it may cause.

Are the dogs already spayed/neutered?

Each dog that becomes available for adoption will have a unique set of characteristics and history.  They may not necessarily be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  If they haven’t been, Monty’s Mutts will provide a deadline for you to have the procedure completed.  It will be your responsibility to inform a member of Monty’s Mutts it is done by providing documentation from your veterinarian.

Will a representative of Monty’s Mutts do house visits after the dog has been adopted?

If needed, an authorized representative of Monty’s Mutts will visit and see the dog within a reasonable timeframe, to ensure that he or she has happily settled in its new home. Monty’s Mutts is to be provided with up-to-date contact details including your home address and phone number in the event there are any changes to your contact details.

Is there possibility the dog would be taken back into Monty’s Mutts Dog Rescue?

If the terms of the adoption agreements are not being adhered to by the adopter,  Monty’s Mutts may chose to repossess the dog.