Adopter's Name
Mailing Address

It is understood that the foster home is not to book veterinary appointments for the foster dog without contacting an executive member of the rescue. The executive member will, with the foster family determine if medical attention is required and will book the appointment. Should a foster home book and attend a veterinary appointment without the prior consent of an executive member the rescue will not be responsible for the cost of the appointment. This of course excludes dire emergencies when time does not permit communication between the foster and executive member.

Monty’s Mutts Dog Rescue will provide all foster homes with bowls/food/leash/collar or harness. Crates may also be available depending on location of foster and availability of crates.

It is also an expectation that volunteers do not get involved in any illegal or criminal behavior, which will reflect on the company, adhere to approved training methods and regulations set up for the safe and humane treatment of dogs.

The foster home agrees to relinquish the foster dog once notified a suitable permanent home has been arranged.