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To ensure that all dogs are medically cleared for travel and or adoption, to the best of our knowledge, Monty’s Mutts receives approval from a licenced veterinarian upon last check-up. If a dog has a known medical condition/disease(s), Monty’s Mutts policy is to make the adopter entirely aware prior to adoption. With any animal, it is impossible to foresee future medical conditions that may develop; therefore, Monty’s Mutts does not guarantee that health issues will not arise in the future. Date of births for animals is an approximation and given upon veterinary examination.
We declare that the information we have given on this form is true and complete to the best of our knowledge.

I confirm that I am over 20 years of age and have not been convicted of an animal cruelty offence.

I accept the following conditions contained in this agreement:

  • If for any reason, I cannot keep the dog, I will return him/her to a member of Monty’s Mutts organization. I will not sell, abandon, or give him/her to any other person(s) or shelter;
  • I will ensure that the dog’s welfare needs, including veterinary treatment are met;
  • I agree that I will care for this dog in a safe and humane manner, and as a family pet and companion. The dog will reside in my house and have appropriate food, water, shelter and medical care for the duration of his/her life;
  • I understand that Monty’s Mutts can make no guarantee or warranties regarding the health or temperament of this dog and shall not be liable for the behaviour of this dog or any damages it may cause;
  • I will have the puppy spayed/neutered (IF NOT ALREADY DODE) by the date stated above and will inform a member of Monty’s Mutts I organization when this is done by providing a veterinary certificate;
  • If needed, I will permit an authorized representative of Monty’s Mutts to visit and see the animal within a reasonable time of adopting to ensure that it is happily settled in its new home;
  • I will ensure that Monty’s Mutts is in possession of my up-to-date contact details including my home address, and will inform Monty’s Mutts in the event of any changes to my contact details;
  • I will allow a member of Monty’s Mutts to repossess the dog as soon as possible if Monty’s Mutts view the terms of this agreement are not reasonably being adhered to;
  • I will provide members of Monty’s Mutts with information regarding the dog’s progress and wellbeing on a regular basis;
  • I will now and then provide the members of Monty’s Mutts with pictures or videos of the dogs to share on their social media pages.