Monty’s Mutts Dog Rescue requires that all volunteers and fosters adhere to a strict code of conduct to protect both the animals and handlers.  The Code of Conduct includes the following:

It is prohibited for any handlers to take any dogs to:

  1. Off-leash dog-park
  2. Any over-stimulated or over-crowded areas (dance club or the floor of a concert)
  3. Any over-loud area
  4. Any area which would expose them to hazardous chemicals
  5. Any area/atmosphere that reflects poorly on the company
  6. On an escalator
  7. Any areas that are prohibited by legislation

The following training behaviours are prohibited

  1. Using a locked kennel as punishment
  2. Encouraging tug of war behaviour
  3. Chasing the dog to encouraging them to run away
  4. Excessive punishment
  5. Punishing uncontrollable behaviour (urination or being sick)
  6. Feeding human food or eating off the floor
  7. Encouraging or allowing any possessive or aggressive behavior
  8. Eat anything out of a stranger’s hand or take any food from someone without permission
  9. Use of a prong collar or shock collar

FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. expects all volunteers to adhere to a standard of professional conduct and integrity. This means that volunteers will not participate in any negative conversations or rumors against any competitive companies, current/former handlers or current/former associates.

FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. expects that every Volunteer act in a professional manner, at all times, while working with a dog, in public and at home, and with all correspondence in relation to FIRE TEAM K-9’S Clients or Associates. If a situation arises which may affect FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. it must be reported immediately.

It is also an expectation that volunteers do not get involved in any illegal or criminal behavior, which will reflect on the company, adhere to approved training methods and regulations set up for the safe and humane treatment of dogs.

To download a copy of the Code of Conduct, click the link below.